Experts Take In Choosing A Quintessential OE Part Brand For Korean Car Parcs

Experts Take In Choosing A Quintessential OE Part Brand For Korean Car Parcs

South Korean car models are gaining popularity in the MEA region for the past years. However, sourcing the right OE parts that fit the entire car system can be a big challenge for the car owners. In AMENA’s 2019 report about the car sales in the region, Hyundai just clinched a whopping 10.5% of the market share followed by Kia attaining 7.8% of the sales sphere. These data are indicative of continuous sales growth for the South Korean brands in the region.

What’s in it for the Aftermarket industry?

Undeniably, car sales are directly proportional to the demand in the aftermarket product support. These variables are significant in maintaining a sustainable mobilization in the region. With the continuous growth for these car models, how will the Aftermarket gameplayers cope with the market dynamics?’

The availability of Korean auto spare parts that fit the latest Korean car parcs registered in the region was usually a deal-breaker for car owners. Mobility is directly proportional to the available auto parts available in the market, and this aftermarket fact highly influences the customer’s buying behavior.

With numerous aftermarket companies servicing the region, only a few have proven their technical expertise and can be an essential business partner of tomorrow. Certain factors need to be considered in choosing the right partner in growing your business; especially, in times when the market is shifting towards a new age.

Korean Craftmanship

Some things are just perfectly created to fit a certain purpose. 

For Mineral Circles Bearings, a UAE-based technical service provider, choosing aftermarket parts that are sourced from the same region or country of their car model’s origin can help owners in supercharging their car’s overall performance.

MCB continues to epitomize this claim with its partnership with a global manufacturer and OEM supplier to many of the world’s largest car producers – ILJIN. This makes MCB a distributor of its Korean-made OE parts craftsmanship within the Middle East and Africa region.

This partnership is centered on bridging the gap between the consumers in the MEA region and their accessibility to reliable, durable, and quality Korean OE parts for their Korean and American car models.

 What makes ILJIN stand out?

The OE manufacturer that belongs to the same market of origin the car is much more familiar with the specifications of the model you’re looking for. The technical know-how and rich R&D efforts that ILJIN possesses in terms of manufacturing global standard aftermarket solutions are relatively ahead compared to that of its competitors.

ILJIN’s Korean craftsmanship is recognized and trusted by leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia which are pretty much dominant in the region. Such trust placed by global manufacturers could attest to ILJIN’s durable, ever upgrading, and reliable aftermarket solutions not just for today but, also for tomorrow.

With Mineral Circles’ powerhouse market base and ILJIN’s innovative product range, MCB extends its budding optimism that Korean and American car model owners can only expect an easy resource to competitive auto parts and aftersales service within their reach.

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