How To Maximize Your Sumitomo Eccentric Bearing Service Life?

How To Maximize Your Sumitomo Eccentric Bearing Service Life?

Cyclo Drive, which is mainly found inside the machine’s gearboxes, is designed to simultaneously reduce the speed of the input shaft and distribute torque within the application. Placed within this drive is a special spare part called Sumitomo eccentric bearing which contributes to a strong vibration absorption ability or shock load tolerance, longer service life, and overload protection.

For an indispensable mechanical component, it requires a certain degree of expertise or knowledge to ensure your business gets the most value out of this. Especially for businesses where it’s commonly used such as gearboxes, locomotives, internal combustion engines, generators, rolling mill, vibrating screen, metallurgy, mining, steel mills industries whose operations rely on service reliability. Here are the few tips to help our industry professionals to help them maximize their eccentric bearing service life:

The right tools for the right job

The performance and overall life expectancy of the eccentric bearing are affected by the installation process that’s followed. Industry professionals commonly advise to utilizing the available maintenance /installation tools to guarantee a safe installation.

Grease Lubrication Is the Best Solution

The roller inside the gearbox has 500 % shock load capacity without causing dire damage to the gearbox. Just like most of the industrial applications exposed to extreme pressure and load, it’s highly recommended to opt for quality grease than oil. Grease lubrication compared to oil lubrication, guarantees a lesser chance of lubricant loss through shaft seals – especially for vertically placed gearboxes.

Run periodical preventive maintenance check

Investing in periodical check-ups of your components or machinery can save your organization from a hefty amount of repair cost. Preventive maintenance is an ingenious strategy that most companies follow to ensure that their production performance remains seamless, and productive.

This process includes bearing failure diagnosis, lubrication analysis and maintenance check. This procedure generally covers a general check-up of any factors that affect the overall performance of the whole production system. A few of the red flags that engineers consider are as follows:

  1. Unusual noises coming from the gearbox
  2. Overheating that can be linked to over or under lubrication or contamination
  3. Frequent mechanical failure or operational downtime
  4. Eccentric bearings’ Output shaft fails to turn

It takes expertise to understand the requirements to maintain and maximize gearboxes and the mechanical components inside it. Many businesses fall short on general knowledge of how to handle minor, noticeable changes in their components that lead to bigger and costly issues. This is why MCB’s In-House Engineer provides technical support to help businesses maximize their production output through effective technical maintenance practices. Yet to believe it? Book an appointment with us through WhatsApp at +971-4-886-5100 or shoot an e-mail at now!

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