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RINGFEDER Products Supplier | UAE, Middle East & Africa

Welcome to the forefront of drive and damping technology with RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION, the global leader in precision engineering. With over a century of expertise, RINGFEDER® specializes in crafting and delivering superior Shaft-Hub Connections, Friction Springs, Damping Components, Couplings, Brake Systems, and Bearing Housings tailored to the highest functionality and durability standards across various technology sectors worldwide. As the supplier of RINGFEDER products, especially (Friction Spring, Elastomer Jaw Couplings, Flange Couplings, and Locking Assemblies) in the UAE, Middle East, and Africa, Mineral Circles Bearings ensures seamless access to these exceptional solutions across the region.


Experience unparalleled solutions tailored to the exacting standards of mechanical engineering across diverse segments. From robust shaft connections to precise damping systems, RINGFEDER® solutions ensure longevity, durability, and optimal performance in applications ranging from packaging machines to printing presses.  Discover first-class solutions for your mechanical engineering needs with the RINGFEDER® comprehensive Product Guide, showcasing top-tier Shaft-Hub Connections, Damping Components, Couplings, and Coupling-Brake Systems meticulously crafted under the premium RINGFEDER® brand.


In the demanding field of aerospace technology, friction springs play a crucial role in efficiently damping kinetic energy, ensuring safe and reliable operation even under extreme conditions. With a focus on precision and reliability, RINGFEDER® solutions meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry. From metal bellows and elastomer couplings for packaging and labeling production to locking assemblies for cement production, RINGFEDER® premium-quality solutions are tailored to diverse applications, meeting the highest standards of process engineering with durability, reliability, and functionality.

Friction Spring Supplier in UAE-Middle East- Africa

As a global leader in connection elements such as couplings and locking assemblies, RINGFEDER® sets the standard for efficiency and reliability in drive technology. From solar panel production to hydroelectric power turbines, RINGFEDER® locking assemblies and couplings provide maintenance-free and precise solutions for both conventional and renewable energy sectors. Whether you need standard solutions or custom designs, each component ensures peak performance, safety, and efficiency in every application. With a focus on functionality and efficiency, RINGFEDER® supports global energy users in maximizing performance and operational safety.

Ringfeder-Locking-Assemblies-Supplier-in UAE-Middle East-Africa

In the rugged conditions of raw material extraction, RINGFEDER® shaft-hub connections, and damping elements excel, offering unmatched functionality and reliability. Whether coal, iron ore, or oil extraction, RINGFEDER® solutions ensure uninterrupted operation, even in the harshest environments. In the challenging environments of the oil and gas industry, our tailored solutions, including friction springs and locking devices, meet the highest operational standards. Designed for durability and compliance with industry regulations, RINGFEDER® solutions ensure reliability, functionality, and safety in every application.


Collaborating with a leading manufacturer of drilling systems, RINGFEDER® friction springs provide effective thrust absorption, safeguarding drilling tools from costly damage and failures. With a focus on performance and maintenance-free operation, unique solutions ensure smooth and efficient drilling operations. RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION is committed to delivering excellence in every solution, empowering customers with reliable, efficient, and innovative technology.

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  • Friction Springs
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  • Elastomer Jaw Couplings
  • Flange Couplings

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