Condition Monitoring System for Machines

Condition Monitoring System for Machines

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, machines have played important parts in our everyday lives. From then on, various industries invested significantly on research and development of maintenance technologies such as condition monitoring system (CMS).


What is Condition Monitoring System (CMS)?

CMS is part of predictive maintenance (PdM) that foresees or diagnoses a machine’s condition either onsite or remotely with the use of tools, software, or sensors.

In the bearing sector, NTN Corporation along with NTN-SNR, its Europe-based subsidiary, developed their own CMS technology for their product and services portfolio.


NTN Wind Doctor

Japan-based NTN Corporation’s Wind Doctor, a CMS for wind turbines provides early failure detection and foresees the service life of bearings, gears, blades as well as other wind turbine components resulting to lower maintenance costs, decreased manufacturing losses, and machine downtime.

How does it work?

There is no need for site visits or even to deploy cranes to do the job.

Designed to be used remotely, the Wind Doctor’s sensors, data management software, and data acquisition modules report all wind turbine vibration, voltage, rotational speed, and temperature directly to your PC.

This innovative technology gave Japan its first Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Wind Turbine certification, a global standard of excellence for the wind power industry.


Condition monitoring tools

As part of its CMS tools line, NTN-SNR’s Laser Temp 301 thermometer is engineered to accurately measure a machine’s surface temperature with the use of infrared technology in just one second.

Ergonomically designed for a better grip, this lightweight tool comes with a type K thermocouple wire probe, a protective pouch, and a user manual upon delivery.

With Laser Temp 301’s predictive maintenance capabilities, any machine as well as its components such as bearings will be guaranteed optimum performance and increased service life.



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