29 Jul 2015

Did you forget?

Do you know that your bearing’s service life decreases by 55% if not lubricated properly?Protect your bearings from corrosion, friction, and external pollution.  Use only high quality bearing grease—choose NTN-SNR grease!For more than 50 years, NTN-SNR conducted research with leading international lubricant manufacturers to formulate top-of-the-line bearing grease, making its range 95% compatible to existing applications.

We at Mineral Circles Bearings are ready to help you choose the right NTN-SNR grease suitable for your needs.

NTN – SNR Grease
Featuring your choice of grease for optimal operation of your bearings. Find out the wide range of grease available in our stock: Universal – Multi Purpose, Heavy Duty High Load, Vibrations & Shocks, High TempWe’ve just added Food Grease, Chain Oil, Ultra High Temp & High Speed Spindles grease to satisfy your needs. All in 400 g cartridge up to 23 kg and 50 kg drums.

You can also choose the most appropriate Automatic Lubricator for your applications: Eco Booster, Smart Booster and Drive Booster.


drive booster (2).jpg

ntn snr.jpg
drive booster (1).jpg
Drive Booster 120
Available in 2 different size
Your Choice of Grease
Available in 4 different size


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