Top 5 selling points of MCB Pillow Blocks

Top 5 selling points of MCB Pillow Blocks

It's not WHERE it's made, it's HOW it's made.

In a region where product origin matters, how can a salesman convince customers to buy pillow blocks from MCB? Here are the top 5 selling points that will seal the deal.


1.Raw material

Recycled steel can be tempting to use as it can be more profitable for manufacturers.

Not for MCB

MCB uses non-recycled steel to ensure no impurities in its pillow block range therefore providing durability and optimum machine efficiency. Quality does matter. Now, that's value for your money!


2. Forged Steel

Forging increases the steel's strength by 30%.

This manufacturing process strengthens the steel's structure as it seals gas pockets while evenly distributing its metal components in the product. That's the secret of making MCB pillow blocks more resistant to impact and fatigue.


3. Quality grease from Shell

Yes, MCB pillow block's bearings are lubricated with Shell Gadus S2 V100 2

With NLGI grade 2 rating, the components of this quality Shell lubrication solution helps bearings in MCB's pillow blocks have a longer shelf life and capable of withstanding vibration, heavy loads, or premature damage.

Other advantages:

Works best on temperatures ranging up to +130°C

Its thickener component, Lithium hydroxystearate, has excellent water and  thermal resistance


4. Affordability

MCB brand team's long term relationship with suppliers has given them the upper hand in material procurement negotiations without compromising quality. That's the benefit of working with seasoned bearing specialists with 35 years of expertise!


5. Technical service inside

MCB's experienced Swedish engineers offer sustainable solutions for industrial applications and products. If you're having issues with your machine's pillow blocks, reach out to our Industrial division at or call +971 4 886 5100.

Help will be on the way!


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