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With an established reputation in big industries such as Sugar and Cement, Heavy, and Energy, SEDIS’ decades of proven and historically-rich technical know-how in designing transmission, agricultural, lifting, adapted and conveyor chains have substantially contributed to businesses’ increased productivity globally.

Since its inception in 1946, SEDIS consistently upholds and applies à la Française or also known as French-style in its manufacturing process to ensure that its high-quality solutions meet the latest industrial challenges worldwide. From producing durable and premium quality chains for bicycles and cars, SEDIS has scaled up its production unit to produce extensive, high-performance larger chains for bigger and more demanding applications including a broad range of wheels, sprockets and disks for transmission, conveyor, table-top chains.

Recognized by its innovative and cutting-edge technical products, SEDIS’ in-house Design and Research team are committed to providing reliable, advanced services and made-to-measure solutions to help businesses scale up their production services.


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