Our management team comprises of highly qualified experts with over 30 years of experience in the bearing industry. Together with the staff, they work with utmost dedication to live the company’s mission of keeping the industry in motion by supplying the highest quality bearings at competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction.



Product and Technical Director

Believing in the future of bearings, he envisioned of having a specialized bearing company in the region and founded Mineral Circles Bearings in 1984. Today, with over 30 years’ experience in the bearing industry, he is considered as one of MENA’s experts on automotive bearings.



Finance and Investment Director

Prior to joining Mineral Circles Bearings, he established his own company in Europe after acquiring years of expertise in the paper industry in the Middle East. His extensive experience in these regions has been instrumental in his 18 years in the bearing industry particularly in the management and finance sector.


  • Sales Executives: Employs 14 Sales Executives in its Jebel Ali headoffice and Dubai showrooms.
  • Staff: Employs 50 staff in its headoffice with 35 staff members throughout its branches worldwide.