12 Oct 2015

Did You Know?

Do you know that your bearing’s service life decreases by 55% if not lubricated properly?Protect your bearings from corrosion, friction, and external pollution.  Use only high quality bearing grease—choose NTN-SNR grease!For more than 50 years, NTN-SNR conducted research with leading international lubricant manufacturers to formulate top-of-the-line bearing grease, making its range 95% compatible to existing applications.

We at Mineral Circles Bearings are ready to help you choose the right NTN-SNR grease suitable for your needs.

NTN – SNR Grease
Featuring Food AL grease – this type of grease is commonly used in food and pharmaceutical industries as it complies with NSF-H1 recommendations or the National Sanitation Foundation. Withstanding temperatures from -30 to 120 degrees Celsius, this grease is a good choice for many disinfectant solutions or detergents and is known to effectively prevent corrosion. Contact us today for more detailed information. 


boite graisse foodall.jpg


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What’s New?

 Introducing the latest tool also available in our product range. The induction heater and the bearing puller, the ideal solution increasing the life span of your bearings.
tool fast therm 20.jpg
Fast Therm 20
 Available in 6 different size
self-centering hydraulic puller.jpg
Hydraulic Puller
 Available in 4 different size