A quick look at NTN SNR’s High Temperature and Ultra High Temperature Grease

A quick look at NTN SNR’s High Temperature and Ultra High Temperature Grease

Applications exposed to arduous operating conditions are frequently subjected to unexpected downtime and relatively high maintenance costs. This dilemma usually stems from overheating and bearing failure caused by the inadequate or incompatible lubrication solution used in the application.

Production services, especially in high-temperature settings, require a different grease formula that can accommodate the required temperature range and pressure. As one of the trusted market leaders in manufacturing top-grade industrial solutions, NTN SNR offers High Temperature and Ultra High Temperature grease with a chemical formulation that has excellent thermal, mechanical, oxidation stability, and sufficient viscosity to beneficially lubricate the required elements of the application.

Despite being closely similar in formulation, let’s factor in the differences between High Temperature and Ultra High Temperature grease, these two highly in-demand grease options in the industrial industry:


High temperature grease has a maximum service temperature of 150 °C to 180 °C, while Ultra High Temperature grease’s maximum service temperature can go up to 250 °C.


High temperature grease is commonly used in textile machines, paper transformation machines, hot fans, dryers, tensioning rollers, vehicle water pumps. Ultra High Temperature grease, on the other hand, has a wider temperature range and is H1 registered, which makes it an ideal choice for a wider range of industrial applications. This field includes the food-processing industry given its extreme resistance against aggressive agents and its compatibility with plastics and seals.

Available Sizes

High temperature grease comes in different sizes ranging from 400 g cartridges, 1 KG, including single-point lubricators, while Ultra High Temperature grease is only available in 800 g cartridges.

Product Advantages

Generally, both grease types are highly in-demand for applications that are highly exposed to high temperatures. With both greases’ advantages combined, users can get value for their money as they both offer incomparable good pressure absorption and excellent protection against wear and corrosion.

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