NTN-SNR’s HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load Grease by Mineral Circles Bearings

NTN-SNR’s HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load Grease by Mineral Circles Bearings

Discover all that’s possible with NTN-SNR’s HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load Grease by Mineral Circles Bearings

Celebration is in the air as event preparations for Expo 2020 and the UAE National Day are at full throttle


Dubai Expo 2020, a much awaited international event, will grace the metropolis on October 20, 2020 and will place UAE once again on the map as the hub for Connecting Minds, Creating The Future in business.

Everywhere, you’ll see cranes, tractors, trucks, excavators, and heavy duty vehicles as the Dubai government’s construction prowess is in full swing to finish the 438 hectare Expo site, public transportation developments such as the Dubai metro, as well as roads and hotel expansions to serve the expected influx of tourists from across the globe.

Day and night, machines and heavy duty vehicles maximize their optimum potential even under the scorching heat and humidity of UAE’s summertime which peaked at 46°C in July of this year.

Good news for infrastructure development, bad news for bearings and lubrication


Just the right timing

Yes, it is the perfect timing for the construction and heavy duty vehicle fleet owners to buy NTN-SNR’s HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load grease.

Made in France by world renown bearing manufacturer NTN-SNR, this has the components of a multi-purpose grease but with heavy duty formulation, an added value which is suitable for the Middle East and African region’s high humidity and extreme temperatures.

No need to worry about operational downtime or vehicle trouble. This lubrication solution protects the bearings and the components of conveyors, crushers, lifting devices, truck wheel hubs, water pumps, construction equipment, and many more.

Labelled NLGI grade 3, the rating that describes its stiffness or rigidity despite MEA’s usual hot temperatures, NTN-SNR made sure that the following components are available in every 1kg can:

  • Mineral Oil -A heavier type of  base oil applicable for industrial machinery
  • Lithium soap -An excellent thickener with high resistance to heavy load/speed, and high temperatures especially when mixed with mineral oil
  • Extreme Pressure (EP) -Chemical ingredients or additives that protect against heat and premature damage

Special offer awaits buyers as UAE turns 47

Apart from the Dubai Expo 2020 preparations, UAE is on high hopes as its 47th founding anniversary on December 2nd nears.

To show solidarity, Mineral Circles Bearings, exclusive EP3 distributor, offers a discounted rate of USD4.95 per can (ex-works Jebel Ali) for customers from November 28, 2018 until December 20, 2018.




How to buy? Simply place your orders via the channels mentioned below, request for a callback, or visit the Jafza headquarters or the Dubai showroom.

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Just as UAE’s tourism slogan says, Discover All That’s Possible with NTN-SNR and Mineral Circles Bearings!

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