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    Cold Mounting Industrial Tool Kit Case

    Ideal for workshop use. This cold mounting mechanical tool (Cold Mounting Kit Case) enables fast. Safe and precise assembly of small and medium sized bearings. Resulting to increased service life.

    We recommend to use it with an anti-fretting paste to make dismounting in the future easier as well as to prevent corrosion and rusting between two metal surfaces, it comes with the following spare parts:

    • One dead blow mallet to provide maximum mounting force (made of polyamide outside but metal inside to prevent magnetization).
    • Thirty three polyamide-made impact rings calibrated for 400 bearing types capable of resisting forcible contact between metal to metal.
    • Three lightweight mounting sleeves ergonomically made for a good hand grip (made of polyamide to prevent magnetization).

    Cold Mounting Industrial Tool Kit Case Is The Best tool for industrial bearing service and maintenance operations


    • Pinions
    • Pulleys
    • Rings

    Available Brands

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