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    CV Joints (CVJ)

    Made by the two leading OEM CV joint manufacturers worldwide.

    CV Joints  (CVJ)  or CV joints enable the efficient transfer of torque from a car’s engine to its wheel bearings at any angle and at a constant speed.

    Having undergone fatigue and durability tests, the CV joint can withstand the up and down movement observed during rough driving plus the left and right motion experienced while steering. For increased service life, it is best to observe the following recommendations:

    • Use only OEM tested and approved accessories or components
    • Ensure adequate lubrication of the boot which is the most sensitive part of the driveshaft
    • Observe proper installation of the driveshaft to prevent wheel detachment as well as inboard and outboard joint damage.



    • Driveshaft Kit (DK)
    • Ready to fit the completely assembled driveshaft
    • Includes accessories or components such as bolts, nuts, clips, etc.


    Outboard Joint Kit (OJK)

    • A pre-assembled outboard outer race that consists of the inner race, ASB ring and duster cover as well as cage and balls
    • Includes accessories or components such as bolts, nuts, clips, etc. as well as a retaining ring for the differential side
    • Includes boot for the wheel side with grease, circlip, and bands


    Boot Kit

    • Outboard Boot Kit (OBK)- Includes boot for the wheel side, clips, circlips, grease, nuts, and washers
    • Inboard Boot Kit (IBK)- Includes boot for the gearbox side, clips, springs, caps, as well as retaining nuts and bolts.


    • Increased safety and driving performance
    • Fast and easy repair because of the components or accessories included in the kits
    • Energy-efficient due to decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
    • Low noise and vibration levels


    • SUV
    • Pickup type vehicles

    Available Brands