Fast Therm 35 Mounting Tool

A preferred mounting tool in maintenance and production workshops, this induction heater can heat bearings weighing up to 70kg with bore diameter above 20mm-410mm.

Ergonomically designed with a rotating arm for easy loading of bearings and parts, it weighs only 35kg and is commonly used as a fixed equipment. Apart from having a core bar for bores measuring 70mm or more, three (3) yoke sizes can be ordered separately depending on the application.


Fast Therm 35 Mounting Industrial Tool



  • Heats bearings in 2-3 minutes only
  • Energy efficient and time saver
  • Maintains desired heat until bearings are ready for installation
  • Demagnetizes bearings after heating
  • Various yoke sizes are available to suit bearings’ inner ring sizes

Product Add-on:


  • Hot mounting

Available Brands

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