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    Musashi Oil Seal

    Discover Musashi’s wide array of seals and packing designed to withstand extreme conditions. From subzero temperatures to over 130°C, Musashi oil seals ensure robust resistance against oil, pressure, dust, and moisture, safeguarding your engine’s integrity.

    Engine Seals

    Cam Shaft Seals: These seals are tailored to protect your engine’s cylinder head, preventing leaks and external contaminants. Crafted from specialized, heat-resistant materials, ensuring durability in high-temperature environments.

    Timing Gear Case Seals: Safeguard your engine against leaks with our precision-engineered seals for the timing gear case. Engineered to work seamlessly with chain mechanisms, offering optimal protection.

    Oil Pump Seals: Engineered to prevent lubrication oil leaks and external intrusion, ensuring seamless functionality in high-temperature oil pump environments.

    Crank Shaft Rear Seals: Essential for protecting against leaks and external elements, especially in manual transmissions, keeping your engine safe from dust penetration.

    Valve Stem Seals: Designed to endure extreme temperatures within the engine head, maintaining peak valve performance.

    Cylinder Head & Tappet Cover Packing: Comprehensive repair kits for simultaneous replacements, ensuring no component is overlooked, and maintaining engine output integrity.

    Drive Train

    Musashi’s drive train seals provide superior protection in lower vehicle locations against dust, dirt, and water intrusion, crafted with unique shapes and materials for high-temperature environments.

    Drive Pinion & Differential Side Seals: Vital for preventing leaks and external intrusion, using specialized shapes and heat-resistant materials for long-lasting performance.

    Transmission Rear, Input Shaft, Oil Pump Seals: Ensuring leak prevention and transmission efficiency, built with robust, heat-resistant materials for reliability.

    Transfer Case Seals: Employing heat-resistant materials for various mechanisms in four-wheel-drive vehicles.


    Critical for maintaining lubricated bearings in logistic trucks, ensuring smooth tire rotation. Regular inspection and replacement are recommended for extended truck usage to prevent potential breakdowns.

    Front & Rear Wheel Seals: Preventing leaks, water intrusion, and maintaining optimal bearing function in truck wheels.

    Gaskets: Crucial components installed to prevent leaks and maintain bearing performance, available in various materials to suit different vehicle types.

    Musashi’s, commitment lies in providing top-quality seals and packing for ultimate reliability and peak performance.



    • Robust Resistance: Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, including subzero temperatures and temperatures exceeding 130°C, ensuring resilience against oil, pressure, dust, and moisture.
    • Heat Resistance: Made from specialized, heat-resistant materials to endure high-temperature engine environments, safeguarding against degradation and ensuring durability.
    • Leak Prevention: Crucial in preventing leaks of engine oil, lubrication oil, and transmission oil, maintaining the integrity of engine components and ensuring optimal performance.
    • Contaminant Protection: Effectively prevents foreign substances such as dust, dirt, water, and clutch dust from penetrating engine and transmission components, enhancing their longevity and reliability.
    • Tailored Designs: Unique shapes and specialized materials cater to specific applications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality in various locations within engines and drivetrains.


    • Engine
    • Oil Pump
    • Wheel
    • Gearbox
    • Crankshaft

    Available Brands