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    Oil Seal Suppliers in Dubai, Uae

    Radial seals are types of seals designed to prevent fluid or gas leakage in machinery or equipment. They’re specifically used in rotating shafts or components where there’s movement perpendicular to the axis of rotation. These seals create a barrier between the moving and stationary parts, preventing substances like oil, grease, or other fluids from leaking out and contaminants from entering the system. Radial seals come in various designs and materials, such as rubber, elastomers, or synthetic materials, depending on the specific application and environmental conditions. They’re commonly found in engines, gearboxes, pumps, and other mechanical systems where sealing against rotation is crucial to maintain efficiency and prevent damage due to leaks or contamination.

    Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a wide range of radial shaft seals available in various designs and materials. These seals can be standard products or customized solutions, featuring spring-loaded sealing lips or designs without springs. Freudenberg Sealing Technology has PTFE seals for exceptional resistance and minimal friction, combined seals offering added functionalities or enhanced protection against dirt, as well as rubber or PTFE radial seals perfect for pivoting applications.

    Moreover, Mineral Circles Bearings proudly stands as one of the leading oil seal suppliers in Dubai, UAE, providing top-notch solutions for various sealing needs.

    Oil Seal Supplier in UAE


    Simmering® – The Original and Its Innovative Advances

    Simmerrings seal rotating shafts reliably and are used in millions of applications and a variety of equipment in the general industry and the automotive sector. This radial shaft seal ring is based on know-how gained from years of experience. It continually undergoes further refinement based on the latest technological developments and is particularly functionally reliable, flexible, and extremely stress-resistant.

    The original Simmerring® is a premium quality radial shaft seal conforming to DIN 3760 and ISO 6194-1 with an elastomeric outer diameter. The Simmerring® can be used in numerous original equipment applications across a broad spectrum of market segments (e.g., gearboxes, transmissions, axles, engines, and pumps).

    Oil Seal Supplier in Dubai, UAE


    Cassette Seals

    Cassette Seals consist of a Simmerring® and an optimized wear sleeve (either hard or soft unitized). They are used to seal shafts in heavy construction and agricultural equipment that, for example, are exposed to high stresses. They also effectively protect engines, transmissions, differentials, and axles against dirt, water, and other environmental influences. The latest developments in elastomers also make it possible to achieve optimal sealing without a spring. This reduces friction even at high temperatures. Combi seals consist of a Simmerring® (individual or double lip) and a polyurethane wiper. They increase the protection against external contaminants while allowing axial and rotary movement.


    Combi Seals

    Combi seals consist of a Simmerring® (individual or double lip) and a polyurethane wiper. They increase the protection against external contaminants while allowing axial and rotary movement.







    • Leak Prevention: Oil seals create a reliable barrier, preventing fluids like oil, grease, or other substances from leaking out of machinery. This prevents not only material loss but also maintains proper lubrication for the components, enhancing their longevity and performance.
    • Contamination Prevention: These seals effectively block contaminants from entering the system, safeguarding against dust, dirt, moisture, or other harmful particles. This protection helps maintain the integrity of the machinery, reducing wear and tear on crucial components.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: By maintaining a sealed environment, oil seals ensure that machinery operates at optimal levels. Preventing leaks and contamination contributes to sustained efficiency, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
    • Versatility in Design and Materials: Oil seals come in various designs and materials, allowing for customization based on specific application requirements and environmental conditions. This versatility ensures suitability across a wide range of industries and machinery types.
    • Longevity and Cost Savings: With proper installation and maintenance, oil seals contribute to the prolonged lifespan of machinery components. By reducing wear, preventing damage, and maintaining efficient operation, they ultimately lead to cost savings by minimizing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.





    • Agricultural, Forestry, and Construction machinery
    • Hydraulic stands
    • Industrial trucks
    • Loading cranes
    • Machine tools
    • Mixers
    • Motorized saws
    • Rolling mills
    • Rotary transmissions unions
    • Rotating shafts in transmissions
    • Sealing of transmission housings/gearbox housings
    • Shafts and propeller shafts against dust
    • Tractors
    • Transmissions / Gearboxes
    • commercial vehicles
    • Construction machinery
    • Construction machinery with greater exposure to dirt
    • Conveyor systems
    • Packaging machinery
    • Plant construction
    • Propeller shafts Cardan shaft
    • Pumps

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