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Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings consist of two precision chrome steel washers (rings) and a ball complement spaced by a bronze retainer. Because the bearings can be separated, the mounting is simple. The washers and ball as well as the cage assembly can be mounted separately.

Single-direction thrust ball bearings can accommodate axial loads in one direction, thus locate a shaft axially in one direction. These must not be subject to any radial load. Double-direction thrust ball bearings can accommodate axial loads acting in both directions and can serve to axially locate a shaft in both directions.

Products are all from trusted ball bearing suppliers.


  • Fast and easy installation even without the use of a mounting tool


Used for the machine element with lower speeds in a single side of an axial load such as:

  • Crane hook
  • Drilling tools
  • Immediate centrifuge
  • Speed reducers
  • Low-precision firm equipment

Available Brands