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    Universal Joint

    Universal Joint, Coupling link, or cardan link, these cores link the drive shaft to the gearbox on one side and the rear drive shaft (the axle) on the other side. It is found in rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel drive vehicles. These corkscrews are designed to adapt to the angle of the cardan shaft and aid in effectively transferring motion or torque from the engine to the rear drive shaft. Shaped in the form of a cross with needle bearings at each end fixed with metal covers and a fixing ring, these cores protect the motor shaft from being broken as it adapts in up and down movement with the rear drive shaft (Excel) connected to the cardan shaft.


    • Made from premium quality raw materials
    • With competitive prices, as it is less expensive than the Japanese or Korean brands
    • The presence of a hole for lubrication


    • Japanese cars
    • European cars
    • Korean cars
    • Russian cars
    • American cars
    • Trucks
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Agricultural machinery industry

    Available Brands