10 Tips To Spot Wheel Bearing Damage

10 Tips To Spot Wheel Bearing Damage

Prevention is better than cure. You’ve read this cliché in different scenarios and yes, it also applies to automotive components such as wheel bearings. With such a high volume of cars roaming the roads, just imagine the hassle these could bring should there be any parts malfunction such as wheel bearings.

It is time that vehicle owners see the importance of using wheel bearing kits as they can save maintenance costs in the long run. It’s a practical way to increase vehicle performance and efficiency.

Here are the top 10 ways to easily spot wheel bearing damage.

1. Shoulder dents or breakage


• Dents shown on the bearing  ring’s circumference

• Rolling elements are aligned with the dents

• Damaged or broken shoulder

Possible Causes:

• Incorrect or off-centered bearing mounting

• Incorrect handling which caused bearing to be dropped on a solid surface


• Use proper mounting tools and fitting process

• Load must be applied on the ring and not on the rolling elements

2. Scratches


• Ball scratches

• Scratches on the inner ring tracks

Possible Causes:

• Damaged or deformed grooves

• The driveshaft or the hub not was not in place when the car was moved.

• Incorrect gap between the inner races


• Observe proper car servicing procedures

• Correctly tighten the driveshaft nut before moving the vehicle

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