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Since we at Mineral Circles Bearings value privacy, trust, and transparency, we recommend that

you contact us for any questions or issues regarding the use of your Personal Data.

By using this site or its services or both, you agree to the processing of your Personal Data based

on the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions of terms

2. Principles of data protection

3. Your rights over your Personal Data

4. Personal Data gathered

5. Third party Personal Data access

6. Data security measures

7. Information on cookies

8. Contact information

1- Definitions of Terms

Personal Data – refers to any information related to an identified or identifiable individual or

natural person

Processing – any measure or sets of measures performed on Personal Data or on sets of Personal


Data subject – an individual or a natural person whose Personal Data is being used

Child – a natural person up to 18 years of age

2- Principles of data protection

We guarantee to observe the following principles for data protection:

 For transparency, we are willing to provide you upon request your Personal Data whose

processing is under lawful grounds. Your rights are our primary concern.

 Minimal Personal Data gathering and processing is limited for our marketing and sales


 Personal Data Processing is limited with a time period and is stored not longer than


 We aim to ensure data accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality.

3- Your rights over your Personal Data

1. Right to data – your right to know about gathering, reasons for gathering, data source and

medium of processing

2. Right to access – your right to request and get a copy of the Personal Data collected from

you. In case that we are unable to do so, we will be providing you with reasons for the


3. Right to modification – you are entitled to modify or delete your Personal Data due to

inaccuracy and incomplete information

4. Right to be forgotten – in certain instances, you can request your Personal Data to be

deleted from our records

5. Right to processing restriction and objection – on certain conditions, you have the right to

inhibit or stop the processing of your Personal Data

6. Right to object to automated processing – refers to your right to object profiling or to be

subjected to a decision based only on automated Personal Data processing especially if it

results to any direct or indirect legal effects

7. Right to data portability – you have the right to obtain machine readable Personal Data

format or if possible, a direct transfer from one Processor to another

8. Right for help- refers to your right to seek legal remedies or supervisory authority for

damage claims

9. Right to consent withdrawal– you have the right to terminate any given Personal Data

processing consent

4- Personal data gathered

Information you’ve provided us

This consists of information that are required to enhance your customer experience such as e[1]mail address, name, billing address, home address, etc.

Credit card details will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties”.

Automatically collected information from you

These data, which are aimed to improve customer experience, refers to the ones automatically

stored by session tools plus cookies (e.g. your IP address, shopping cart information, shopping

history, etc.) and are harnessed by looking through or using the website’s contents or services.

5-Information from 3rd party

Under legal grounds, our partners can share with us your information which you’ve provided

them directly or indirectly. See the list of some of our partners here.

Publicly information

We may gather your publicly available Personal Data.

6- Data security measures

We utilize your Personal Data for the following reasons:

 To provide and communicate our products and services (e.g. account registration,

promotional items, etc.) apart from notifying you of any necessary changes

 Enhance customer service and user experience

 Fulfill a contract or a law

Under legitimate grounds or with your consent or both, your Personal Data is processed for the

following reasons unless informed otherwise:

 To identify you

 For marketing purposes (e.g. sending personalized offers by us or by our legitimate

selected partners), browsing history, newsletters, client base analysis, surveys, etc.

 For sales, invoicing, etc.

We reserve the right to anonymize your Personal Data wherein such anonymized information

will be used only outside the scope of this Privacy Policy. If applicable, your billing information,

and other similar data gathered from you will be stored as long as required for accounting

purposes or for purposes required by law.

Additionally, we may process your Personal Data for other requirements not mentioned here but

are in line with the original purpose of gathering. To do so, we ensure the following:

 The link between nature, context, and purpose of Personal Data is appropriate for further


 Such further processing, by which you will be informed, will not be harmful for your


 Appropriate safeguarding measures will be observed from processing

Third party access to your Personal Data

Your Personal Data is not being shared with strangers. However in some cases, we provide our

trusted partners some details in order to enhance customer experience, for marketing purposes

such as MailChimp, or to any legal entity as required by law.

How we secure your data

Our goal is to safeguard your Personal Data by using safe protocols for data communication and

transferring such as HTTPS and by anonymization or pseudonymization whenever and wherever

suitable. Though systems are continually being monitored for any possible vulnerabilities or

attacks, we are unable to guarantee full security.

Should there be any data breaches or threats, we will be notifying you and will provide

assistance to authorities whenever required.

In case you have an account with us, you are obliged to keep your username and password



Since our services are not targeted for children, we do not intend to collect, knowingly or

unknowingly, any information from children.

7- Information on cookies

To personalize user experience, analyze customer behavior, collect user information, etc., we use

cookies or similar technologies or both on our website.

By definition, a cookie is a tiny text file saved on your computer that is capable of storing

information. Though we have the sole access, you may disable these from the browser level but

doing so will hinder certain website functions. Alternatively, you can control some 3rd party

cookies by using a privacy enhancement platform such as or For more information about cookies, visit

Purposes of using cookies

 Necessary cookies – This type requires you to log-in on the website but won’t necessary

collect Personal Data.

 Functionality cookies – Enables personalized web experience by providing functionality

such as remembering your e-mail address to auto-populate comment forms, etc.

 Analytics cookies – These are used for tracking performance and use of our website and

its services

 Advertising cookies – Upon the permission of the website operator, these cookies are

used by ad networks to deliver targeted advertisements that are related to you and to your

interests. This type of cookie remembers your website visits and such activity are shared

with other organizations.

To measure our website traffic, we use Google Analytics whose own Privacy Policy can be

viewed here. If you’d like to opt out of its tracking activity, visit the Google Analytics opt-out


8- Contact Information

Office of the Managing Director

Mineral Circles Bearings

P.O. Box 27691 Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 886 5100

E-mail: media@mcb.a

Privacy Policy