Practical tips on selecting the best bearing grease

Practical tips on selecting the best bearing grease

Choosing the proper bearing grease is just as important as choosing the appropriate bearing for best machine performance.

Is it a legend or a truth?

According to Machinery Lubrication magazine, external variables such as severe operating situations, improper installation, and poor greasing or lubrication cause early bearing damage. What do you believe the winner was?

You guessed it right! In nearly half of all cases, poor lubrication causes bearing failure, which leads to equipment breakdown and, eventually, operations disruption.

There’s no need to be anxious because as you read, you’ll discover how to avoid it.

Information from the appropriate sources

Check your computer’s OEM specifications, such as the operating environment and load ranking.

Remember that any increase in temperature, whether from the environment or from heavy loads, causes grease to lose its thickness or viscosity, causing it to leak out of the bearing and damage other components.

Select a respected vendor who can give both professional services and local assistance. Isn’t it convenient to have an in-house engineer on hand?


How about heavy equipment?

If you’re running heavy machinery in humidified or heated situations, it’s safer to use a high-quality lubricant like NTN-HEAVY SNR’s DUTY EP3 High Load grease.

This ground-breaking product, with its one-of-a-kind formulation, is made for trucks, construction machines, and other heavy equipment that runs in tough regions like those found in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Mineral oil (Base Oil) is a heavier oil that is used in industrial applications.

Lithium soap (thickener) has excellent binding properties with the base oil, allowing it to withstand high temperatures, speeds, and loads.

Chemical ingredients in Extreme Pressure/EP (Additives) have better bearing protection against heat and premature wear.

Grade 3 durability (NLGI rating) – provides stiffness or rigidity to the grease, preventing leakage.

To know more, click here for the material safety data sheet (MSDS).


Proper lubrication Tips


Last but not least, to ensure excellent bearing performance and quality, adopt these grease application best practices.

Maintain cleanliness—Pollutants will cause premature bearing failure if your work area isn’t kept clean.

To avoid overheating, lubricate just 30% of the bearing’s empty spaces as a general rule.

Use the appropriate technique.

– Before installing the bearing, spin it by hand to ensure even grease distribution, or use equipment like a grease gun.


NTN-HEAVY SNR’s DUTY EP3 High Load Grease drew the most attention from trade visitors among the items on display in the New Product Launch Stand.” – Abdelrahman Kurdieh, Automechanika Dubai 2017 Regional Brand Development Manager

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