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    Ball Bushings

    Ball bushings play an essential role in linear movements. This inexpensive component possesses remarkable operational qualities even if used in difficult circumstances. Trusted by its competitive price, quality, and safety to offer, it offers diversified solutions in varied industrial applications.

    This range of Ball Bushings includes:

    Standard or compact ball bushings – optimized material for better resistance against corrosion

    Self-aligning ball bushings – available in open or closed options

    Shafts – available in different options and materials such as standard, corrosion-resistant, or hard chrome-plated.

    Accessories – rails for shaft brackets

    Bearings – bearings with standard ball bushings or self-aligning bushes


    – Corrosion-resistant

    – Longer service life due to its sealing options

    – Good operational qualities

    – Increased stiffness to avoid shaft deflection

    – Easy installation


    – Different areas of Mechanical engineering

    – Packaging

    – Handling units

    Available Brands