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    Fuel Pump

    OE Replacement Electric Fuel Pump Motors
    GMB Fuel Pumps use only durable, OE replacement electric motors. These motors are developed to match the manufacturer’s specifications in terms of voltage, amperage, resistance, pressure, and volume to guarantee long lasting performance, consistent fuel pressure, and steady fuel delivery. GMB Fuel Pumps also use 99.90% pure copper on the internal wiring for greater electrical conductivity and optimal performance.

    High-Grade Aluminum Cased Motors
    GMB Fuel Pump motors are encased in a plastic fixture, and then that fixture is enclosed in a high-grade protective aluminum heat dissipation sleeve made of 5052 grade aluminum alloy.

    High-Grade Vacuum Formed Plastics (POM)
    GMB Fuel Pump Assemblies are made from high-grade vacuumed formed plastics to ensure that there are no cracks or pores during the molding process. This is the same technology that is used when making many other plastic components found in automobiles, including engine covers, intake manifolds, radiator tanks, etc.

    150 Micron Pre-Pump Fuel Filters (Strainer)
    GMB Pre-Pump Fuel Filters (also called a strainer) have a 150 micron rating and are made from the best non-paper filtering material available. All GMB Fuel Pump Assemblies include a filter (strainer). Fuel Strainers are also included with fuel pump kits, where noted.

    Available Brands