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    Linear Customized Axis

    Linear Customized Axis from the name itself provides economical solutions for linear movements that give adequate freedom for users to customize their own solutions. NTN SNR linear units consist of high-quality compact components that contain a combination of guiding and driving elements. It allows users to combine one series to another, and with the flexibility to be connected to different elements, sliding blocks, or special fastening strips.

    This range includes:

    Screw drive axis – Long strokes with high velocity

    Toothed belt axis – maintenance-free and high dynamic

    Rack and pinion axis –  high speeding force

    Linear motor axis – highest position accuracy and repeatability

    System Axis – for highest loads


    – Customizable with unlimited length possible

    – Precise position of accuracy & repeatability

    – High velocity and acceleration

    – Maintenance and wear-free drive element

    – Noise reduction

    – High-feeding forces

    – Highest rigidity even with high loads



    – Gearboxes

    – Couplings

    – Coupling cones

    – Switches and additional with energy chains

    Available Brands