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    Pillow Block

    Pillow blocks are mounted plain or roller bearings used to provide support for rotating shafts with the mounting surface on a line parallel with the axis of the shaft. These refer to the housings that have a bearing fitted into them, thus the user need not purchase the bearings separately. A pillow bearing is generally mounted in cleaner environments, these are typically meant for lesser loads in general industrial applications.

    Pillow blocks are deployed in a variety of configurations. Unlike other bearings, they are pre-engineered to be self-lubricating and are designed with a reservoir to store lubricant for smooth operation. The fundamental application of pillow blocks involves safety. Their outer ring remains stationary while allowing rotation of the inner ring.




    • Low maintenance with self-aligning capabilities
    • Fast and easy re-lubrication due to a built-in lubrication hole


    • Extensively used in conveyor systems such as in the food industry, agriculture, construction, and mining

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    Can work better with the use of the right type of lubrication solution:

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