Q&A with Mineral Circles Bearings’ Rodrigo Paiva

Q&A with Mineral Circles Bearings’ Rodrigo Paiva

You may have seen him for the first time last year at Automechanika Dubai. But who really is Rodrigo Paiva and what makes him special to Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB)?

Tell us, who is Rodrigo Paiva?

Passionate about bearings as I was born in this industry

I am lucky to have the best salesman in my life which is my father. It all started in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the young age of five where I learned all about bearings while growing up in the bearing sector.


What were your best memories in the bearing industry during your youth?

At age 15, I started going to client meetings with my father who has been inspirational to me in order to understand the working environment. Then, at about 16 or 17 years old, I went on a business trip to Shanghai, China to attended a bearing trade show.

At 18 years old, I moved to China permanently to study Mandarin while working for a bearing company’s purchasing department. It was a good experience to learn about procurement and to visit bearing factories. This also gave me a chance to broaden my knowledge about the Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian markets.


You seem to have loved the bearing world. Were there any challenges along the way?

Being young and exploring other avenues was challenging for me. Twice in my career, I tried to quit the bearing industry.

The first time was in 2011. After finishing my degree in Brazil, I decided to have my internship at Pfizer. Still hungry for more experiences, I left for USA to participate in an industrial trade show as bearing is in my blood.

Then, I went back to Brazil and worked for a small company. This was where I officially started selling bearings and I did everything in the chain from A to Z. By 2014, I transferred to Singapore to work for a reputable bearing institution before being employed in Bloomberg, a Fortune 500 company. This then was the 2nd time that I’ve left the world of bearings.


What were the lessons learned in all of your career adventures?

My experiences molded me to what I am now.

Looking back, working for a multinational company helped me learn about processes and delegation. I also experienced how big companies motivate their staff from training, compensation, and benefits which I haven’t observed much especially when I was working in a small business.

As for passion for work, discipline, and teamwork, I give the credit to being employed in a small business.


How did you come to know about Mineral Circles Bearings?

I believe in destiny a lot.

MCB is already known throughout the bearing industry due to its exceptional marketing exposure and good customer feedback. Our Managing Director Hassanein Alwan came into the picture during the time when I felt that I wasn’t using the best of me.

So, I left the financial sector and joined MCB in 2017 as the Regional Sales Manager.


What do you think were your main contributions in the company during your first year?

Due to my career background, I was more adaptive which helped me blend easily with the company’s culturally diverse staff. Also, implementing some sales processes was helpful for the company. Most importantly, I give my colleagues the chance to grow by letting them join meetings and make their own business decisions while helping them identify their strengths so they can use these to their benefit.


So you want to continue the cycle of learning. What would you think should companies do today to create an impact in their industry?

Customers need to have a good experience.

Everyone can sell bearings but not everyone can sell a good service or experience.


What is your recipe for success especially now that your team always hits the sales target?

Giving something you like to someone is very difficult

I like being in touch with my clients. However, I make sure that my colleagues get the chance to interact with them too. After all, understanding the customers’ needs in whatever possible way is the best ingredient for success.


On a personal note, what advice can you give to young professionals life yourself?

Everyday, when I wake up, I say, ” I WILL hunt today.”

Be passionate, be aggressive. Take chances!

Video courtesy of Automechanika Dubai 2017. Join Rodrigo Paiva this September at Automechanika Frankfurt‘s Hall 6.1, stand E05!

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