Spot Sumitomo Eccentric Bearing Failure Like A Pro

Spot Sumitomo Eccentric Bearing Failure Like A Pro

Get the most out of your Sumitomo eccentric bearing today!  


You know it’s time for Sumitomo eccentric bearing maintenance check when you notice these two things in your Cyclo Drive.

  • Increased operating noise level
  • Output shaft fails to turn 

What is a Cyclo Drive anyway?

Found in a machine’s gearbox, a Cyclo Drive or Cyclo Reducer effectively converts power to torque by significantly reducing speed with the help of its spare part called eccentric bearing.

Made by leading Japanese company, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, this innovative product is used in industries related to textile, steelworks, conveyors, automotive plants, and construction equipment manufacturing.

Sumitomo eccentric bearing with brass cage


Trusted Japanese Brand 

Founded more than 400 years ago by Masatomo Sumitomo, Sumitomo Group of Companies today has reportedly over USD400 billion annual sales with over 267,000 employees across the globe. Under its umbrella is Sumitomo Drive Technologies (also known decades ago as Sumitomo Heavy Industries) which is renowned for having manufactured Japan’s first ever Cyclo Drive in the late 1930s. Since then, it expanded its market base in Europe especially after its full acquisition of German based company, CYCLO Getriebebau GmbH, whose founder, Lorenz Braren, was the inventor of the Cyclo Drive technology.


Quick Fix Tips 

Just like any other case of mechanical failure, Sumitomo bearing damage mainly boils down to improper lubrication, the root cause of sudden temperature increase, which if left undetected can decrease a Cyclo Drive’s service life and all of its components.

As a preventive measure, the following manufacturer quick fix tips can be used whenever necessary.

  • Eccentric bearing replacement plus adequate grease application after cleaning and flushing the Cyclo Drive  
  • For increased noise level caused by inadequate bearing lubrication
  • Output shaft fails to turn due to damaged eccentric bearing
  • Reduce the load or choose another Cyclo Drive model with the correct load capacity
  • For increased noise level caused by inadequate bearing lubrication


Last but not the least, to ensure proper eccentric bearing lubrication, the Sumitomo Cyclo Drive’s shaft should be rotated quarterly and its factory must be contacted should there be a case of planned storage for more than a year.


Sumitomo eccentric bearing with resin cage


MEA’s Trusted Bearing Supplier

One of Middle East and Africa’s renown bearing suppliers and manufacturers, Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) has a wide selection of Sumitomo eccentric bearings such as the following to offer its strong client base.

14UZS626                               22UZ335T2

15UZ210119T2                       50022221BL1NG

15UZ21059LY                         25UZ459

15UZ21059T2                         61087YRX

15UZ41006T2                         6120608YRX

15UZ41006T2X-EX                 612-1115YSX

15UZ41021T2X-EX                 61243YSX

15UZ41043T2                         614 2125 YSX

15UZ41071T2X                       61406-11YSX

15UZ41087T2X-EX                 61413-17

15UZ609A08-15                      614-13-17 YSX

15UZ824359                            614-2125YSX

15UZ824359LY                        15UZ8235T2

6142125YSXTG                       15UZ8287

616-11-15YRX2                       15UZ8287L1

With more than 30 years of expertise in the industry, MCB’s in-house engineers are ready to provide technical support and aftermarket solutions that will be beneficial for you or for your business. For more information, contact Michel Peltier at or at +971 4 886 5100.




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