NTN SNR’s Food Al Grease to optimize food production industry

NTN SNR’s Food Al Grease to optimize food production industry


Why NTN SNR’s Food Al Grease?

The safety constraints and environmental regulations within the food production industry require a certain degree of precision and expertise. This industry segment is highly exposed to arduous and demanding operating conditions that can potentially negatively impact the overall reliability and performance of the entire manufacturing process.


For an industry that relies on seamless operation, proper, accurate, and adequate lubrication practices and bearing selection are paramount in increasing the overall machine reliability.


Topline bearing solution for food production

The food industry is powered by rolling elements such as bearings to ensure seamless production services. It’s responsible for supporting applied loads, to reduce friction and heat generation in the application. These critical components are frequently exposed to continuous pressure, high speeds, extreme temperature, water exposure, and the threat of contamination which make it an easy target for premature failure.

If the bearing fails, the whole manufacturing process is compromised.

Choosing the correct bearing for a demanding production setting is the only best preventive maintenance practice to avoid hefty repair and maintenance costs. This has compelled businesses to invest in topline bearing solutions to ensure that they follow stringent hygienic standards to perform safe and contamination-free production services in the food industry.

These bearings are manufactured with the latest manufacturing technology by leading manufacturers and are equipped designed to withstand the demanding and sensitive conditions within the manufacturing industry. From pre-lubricated stainless steel mounted units to stainless steel ball bearings, these solutions comply with ISO standards and offer up to 70x better resistance against corrosion and ingress contamination. These advantages allow businesses to optimize machine reliability, and to maximize business uptime and productivity.

Lubrication solution with guaranteed protection

As strict as choosing the right bearing for each machinery, the food industry also requires specific lubricant requirements that only comply with USDA/FDA standards. This requirement is to ensure that the grease being used in the manufacturing process meets the health and safety regulations for consumer’s safety and security.

These lubricant types are categorized based on their contact with the food during the production process – H1, H2, H3. H1 certified food-grade grease is for food processing environments where food contact is technically possible, H2 food-grade grease is for equipment and machine parts where food contact is not possible while H3 food-grade grease is for cleaning and preventing rust on certain equipment.

NTN SNR’s Food Al Grease is commonly used for both bearings, equipment, and machinery by most manufacturers given its formulation that provides good water resistance, protection against correction, robustness against contamination and detergents, and is NSF H1-certified.

Choosing the right industry solution for any operating condition that concerns public safety and overall operational efficiency is paramount. These decisions contribute to the long-term success of any business by taking into account the available preventive and predictive maintenance practices. If your business requires technical support or is keen on learning more about proper lubrication and bearing management, feel free to reach out to our in-house engineers via export@mcb.ae



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