Is your car winter-ready this holiday season?

Is your car winter-ready this holiday season?

Winter Is Here


It’s that time of the year again when the weather transitions into its new phase! Dust off your sweaters and hoodies with these tips to make your car winter-ready and hit the road ‘cause winter is finally here! 


Before you hitch a ride, are your wheels ready to challenge the harsh weather condition while driving around? Don’t take the risk! Check your car before you leave! From complete wheel bearing replacement to failure diagnosis, we can ensure that nothing is left unchecked before you start that engine! Let us help you achieve that seamless travel experience and the convenience of having everything you need in just one go!

As SKF‘s official distributor of automotive aftermarket product in Middle East, our partnership’s focal point is to deliver robust solutions just for you with our years of proven market know-how. Our vision is highly supported by our technical experts who provide unparalleled technical supports and solutions related to bearing failure diagnosis, bearing replacement, engine/machine Inspection and more!


Your one stop shop for a complete replacement kit




>> Includes all components you need to perform a complete Wheel Bearing replacement. These high quality parts guarantee optimized performance.




>> In line with OEM specifications, this CV-joint kit includes all of components needed for replacement.




SKF LGMT 3 General Purpose Automotive and Industrial Bearing Grease


>> This special lithium grease with premium mineral oil has extreme thermal stability therefore making it appropriate for disc brake fitted wheel bearings in vehicles.


Hit the road with less worries with SKF’s trusted premium quality automotive aftermarket products. Established in Sweden in 1907, SKF is the top service and technology provider for OE and aftermarket products such as bearings, units, seals, and lubrication solutions. With more than a century of expertise, its 45,000 employees, 140 global sites, and 18 technical centers worldwide contribute to its growth in business as well as in employee care and environmental protection.



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