NTN-SNR unveils CV joint kits for its European market base

NTN-SNR unveils CV joint kits for its European market base

During the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair in September, NTN-SNR, the European arm of Japan-based NTN Corporation, launched its new range, the constant-velocity (CV) joint kits.

Designed for its European automotive aftermarket clientele, NTN-SNR aims to supply 95% of all vehicles with this product innovation in the near future. For its initial launching, the following were showcased during the event.

– Complete CV joint kit (includes shaft, inboard and outboard CV joints)

– Joint Kit (inboard tulip CV joints or outboard cup CV joints)

– Bellows kit (2 sides)

What is a CV joint?

CV joints provide greater efficiency in transferring torque, the force that enables rotation, from a vehicle’s engine to the bearing that operates the wheels at any angle and at a constant speed.

Considered by others as a special type of universal joint (U-joint), CV joints are important because they allow absorption of the up and down movement observed while driving on rough roads as well as the left and right motion during steering, thus providing constant power to a car for a safer driving experience.

Signs of CV joint failure

Steering wheel or floorboard vibration as well as clicking noise while turning are signs of a CV joint failure. In these cases, mechanics usually check for the following:

– Inadequate lubrication of the boot usually found in high mileage vehicles

– Split open boot or damaged boot that causes grease leakage

Significant damage in the CV joint may require car towing services due to vehicle immobility.


Potential Market

Hassanein Alwan, Mineral Circles Bearings’ Marketing Director, who witnessed the product launch in Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 noted that limited competition for quality CV joint brands makes it a profitable business investment.

As for market share, he said “We can see potential sales in Africa where this product is considered fast moving. When I went to Kenya, almost all of the bearing companies that I’ve visited who refused to purchase bearings expressed interest in CV joints.” 

Alwan added that the continent’s road conditions are significant factors in the increased demand for the product.

Lastly he stated, “We are on a constant lookout for more developments on this new range. Our goal is to provide premium automotive aftermarket products to our customers and we believe that NTN-SNR’s CV joint kit will be a good choice soon.”




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