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    NTN SNR SmartTEMP S Industrial Induction Heating Tool

    With 30 years of expertise in induction heating technology, NTN-SNR offers NTN SNR SmartTEMP S for industrial bearings and related parts along with the following accessories:

    • 3 yokes (14 mm x 14 mm x 200 mm; 25 mm x 24 mm x 200 mm; 40 mm x 38 mm x 200 mm)
    • 1 temperature sensor
    • 1 pair of gloves


    NTN-SNR SmartTEMP S is the Best tool for industrial bearing service and maintenance operations




    • Available graph button that downloads information to a USB for heating process data analysis
    • Digital touchscreen feature
    • Unit software/firmware updates available from the manufacturer
    • Decreases heating time by 30% compared with the regular induction heating range
    • Engineered with three (3) heating features to suit different requirements
    • Designed with an adjustable rack for a larger workspace
    • Maximum heating temperature of up to 240°C (464°F)
    • Language options available in English, French, German, and Spanish
    • Safe to use, energy efficient, and time saver
    • Maintains desired heat until bearings are ready for installation
    • Demagnetizes bearings after heating


    • Hot mounting of industrial bearings, pinions, sprockets, pulleys, bushings, shrink rings, gears, etc.

    Available Brands

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