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    SKF Battery Driven Grease Gun TLGB 20

    Engineered to deliver precise lubrication, SKF Battery driven grease gun is designed to help you maximize your bearing service life through exact and accurate lubrication replenishment. Its ergonomic and durable design with a three-point stand is tailored for an optimized and lightweight procedure for the operator’s easy handling.

    The technology and reliability installed in this versatile tool reduce the risk of improper lubrication with the help of its integrated grease meter that gives you an accurate value of how much grease is applied in your application.

    For more details, click here for the instruction/user manual.


    • Multi-function LCD – gives you an accurate battery charge, alerts of potential fitting blockage, and grease output.
    • LED Light – gives a substantial amount of area in a dimly-lit work environment to easily locate grease fittings.
    • Lithium-ion battery-powered – capable of dispensing 15 grease cartridges per charge with guaranteed steady energy output.
    • Predictive maintenance – reduces the risk of possible operational downtime and cost.
    • Reliable technology – provides impeccable precision that alerts the operator for instances such as blocked fittings and loss of prime


    • Maintenance tools for industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, and construction applications and vehicles.

    Product Add-on

    Can work better with the use of the right type of lubrication. Preferably as per manufacturer’s recommendation:

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